Close your eyes - demonstration video

Susan Yeates | 15 April, 2020

            Close your eyes - demonstration video

Hi again,

Time for another demo video! Yes, a free tutorial video of something creative that can be found in one of my online art courses. These are hopefully handy tutorials for things to do in your sketchbooks when you are at home and need some creative inspiration.

And today we feature… blind contour drawing, which I like to call ‘Close Your Eyes and Draw!’

Close Your Eyes (Blind Contour Drawing)

This is a really fun exercise to do and is really helpful for boosting creativity and loosening up your hand before starting any more detailed work. It is also a really good exercise in observation, which is one of the most important elements in art and sketching i.e. looking carefully at what you are drawing.

So, as before, in my Found Object Printing blog you will find a demonstration video and a little bit of a step-by-step guide too.

Have fun with this.


Demonstration video

Further information

Blind contour drawing is where you 100% look at the item you are drawing and 0% look at the paper and drawing itself. In other words you are purely observing and not worrying about what your pen is doing. Some artists cover their hand as they work and others simply keep their focus ahead on the object. Watch the video above to find out more and then it’s your turn. This exercise is really important for honing those observational skills and removing the ‘worry’ about what the finished sketch looks like.

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