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I teach aspiring artists just like you, how to live more creatively, re-discover your inner artist, build confidence in drawing, fill sketchbooks and make art you can be proud of.

I’ve worked as a successful professional artist for over 15 years, authored 6 art books including Sketchbook Challenge: 100 Prompts for Daily Drawing, spoken at TedX Woking, been featured on HobbyMaker TV, created over 35 online courses, and taught 1000’s of aspiring artists like you.

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Featured on HobbyMaker TV

In July 2022 I launched the book Sketchbook Challenge: 100 Prompts for Daily Drawing on live TV!

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HobbyMaker TV

Sketchbook Challenge book launch

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Sketchbook Challenge, The Book!

My brand NEW book, Sketchbook Challenge: 100 Prompts for Daily Drawing, is available now! Kickstart or develop your own daily sketching habit with 100 simple and thought-provoking prompts. All of the challenges are suitable for beginners and teaches the principles of drawing and art, with the aim of encouraging people to relax, have fun, and get creative!

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A welcoming community of like-minded people where you can find inspiration and motivation to try new things.

My online sketching courses, 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge and Inspire Membership all have community at their heart.

A community that is fun to be a part of and where lasting connections can be made.

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Develop your artistic skills, fuel your ideas, and overcome what’s holding you back from a fulfilling sketching practice

Join Inspire - a monthly membership and inclusive community for creatives looking to build a consistent sketching practice, no matter how busy life gets.

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Re-kindle your love of sketching today!

Inspire is a celebration of all things creative and inspirational. It is an online creative community where each month you receive new sketching tutorials, creative mindset discussions, projects, challenges and more!

Join this special sketching membership to be inspired on a regular monthly basis and meet other like-minded creatives.

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"This community has encouraged me to try new media and techniques. It’s given me the structure and motivation to move my art practice forward. Susan is incredibly supportive and good at building confidence."

Inspire Member, Jane Butler, 2021

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by Susan Yeates | 31 July, 2022

Watch the Highlights from the HobbyMaker TV show!

by Susan Yeates | 21 July, 2022

Watch me on HobbyMaker TV this Sunday 3rd July!

by Susan Yeates | 27 June, 2022

I will be officially launching and celebrating my new book  Sketchbook Challenge: 100 Prompts for Daily Drawing on HobbyMaker TV - a UK shopping channel this Sunday 3rd July at 1pm and 3pm.