Behind the scenes of Inspire

Susan Yeates | 29 May, 2020

            Behind the scenes of Inspire

With just a few days to go until the launch of Inspire, I thought I would take the time out to make a little behind the scenes video showing you what I get up to.

I am in the final stages of launching this VERY EXCITING new membership, and with loads of you ready waiting to click enrol, I am busily working on the finishing touches in my home studio. I am filming the final videos, editing them and uploading to the course portal. I am proof reading text, creating imagery and setting up the welcome email sequence for all new members. Plus making sure the course registration system works. There is a lot of technical work that goes on behind the scenes as well as the fun stuff where I create video tutorials and plan all the wonderful things we will get up to for the rest of 2020!

So here is my quick behind the scenes video for you to enjoy. Welcome to my studio and welcome to my little rambling video on what a stay at home art tutor does…

For more information on Inspire please visit

NOTE: Registration is open for two weeks only from 01-14 June 2020. Registration during this period for founding members is at a massive 50% discount (Just £7.50 per month). This is a once only discount for those founding members for the first 12 months. Don’t miss out!