New Skillshare Class: How to Live a Creative Life

Susan Yeates | 20 July, 2020

            New Skillshare Class: How to Live a Creative Life

I am so excited to launch a brand new Skillshare Class: How to Live a Creative Life – 5 Ways to bring Inspiration Into Your Life.

This class accompanies and follows along with my FREE 16 page e-book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Creative Living’ which you can download here.

About the class

Getting Inspired and staying inspired is so important and I believe one of the foundations of living a creative life… and a creative life can bring so much joy!

So this helpful Skillshare class shows you the things I personally do to tend to my creativity on a regular basis. These are the ways that I charge my creative batteries and say goodbye to artists block or fear of the blank page. These are things that spark ideas and massively increase my creative output – i.e. I make loads of stuff!

This class is packed full of advice, exercises and tips on how to implement these ideas into your regular routine so they become second nature. The class is split into five main sections – each one a separate method or technique that gets you inspired and seeing the world in a new way. Each section has an explanation video plus a project and accompanying worksheet so that you can take action and implement these ultimate creativity boosters. Plus these things are super-easy, don’t require any previous art skills or knowledge and anyone can do them!

How to access the class for FREE

To access the class you can go to Skillshare here using this special link.

Here you can sign up for a free trial of Skillshare to access and watch the course. This course will ONLY be available through Skillshare and not through my main website and e-course platform.

As mentioned above the content follows closely along with my FREE 16-page e-book: The Ultimate Guide To Creative Living. They work as a pair – the videos talk you through the 5 main topics and the e-book has the written version of the explanations plus the printable worksheets. You can access the ebook here.

I hope you enjoy it!


The Ultimate Guide To Creative Living Free Ebook