Fashion Formula designer of the month

Susan Yeates | 16 July, 2020

            Fashion Formula designer of the month

Over the past few months I’ve been working on turning a number of my linocuts, sketches and paintings into fabric designs. I have been slowly ordering samples of fabric and loading a few of my designs onto a website called Fashion Formula.

I was very excited to be contacted by them in June where they asked me to be their designer of the month for July 2020. They were fascinated by the Linocut process and thought that their readers would appreciate an understanding of my design process and to know a little bit about what inspires me as an artist.

Designer of the month

I was sent a list of questions related to my artistic process, which I answered and this has now been shaped into a blog on their website! Exciting times.

You can read the full article here.

Susan Yeates Fashion Formula

Fabric now available

Once you read the blog, you may then realise that a small selection of my designs are now available to buy as different types of fabric and homeware items such as tea towels, aprons and cushions. I have had a few samples ordered myself and I LOVE the quality. I will be placing a wholesale order of tea towels soon so that I can sell these direct through my website. But in the meantime you can order any of my designs direct from Fashion Formula.

Susan Yeates Fashion Formula

I will be uploading more designs over the next few months and will let you know as this happens!

Have a great day everyone…