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Creativity Talks is a weekly podcast with artist, author and creative entrepreneur, Susan Yeates. Each week the podcast delves into the world of creativity and Susan’s fundamental belief that everyone is creative.

Each week through discussions, listener questions and artist interviews Susan will tackle a topic to do with finding inspiration, boosting creativity and walking a more creative path in your life. Topics include: how to find your style, fear of the blank page, how to start a regular creative practice, staying motivated to create, sources of inspiration (people, places and books) and how to make a business out of something you love. 

This podcast is for anyone curious about creativity from those people who identify as ‘not creative at all’ to creative business owners and just anyone needing a weekly dose of creative input and inspiration. 

Creativity Talks - The Podcast

Recent Episodes

Creativity Talks 23: Let's Talk Creative Challenges

by Susan Yeates | 09 December, 2021

With my own creative challenge (The 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge) on the horizon in just a few week's time I wanted to dedicate the final episode of 2021 to talking about creative challenges such as this. In this episode I explain briefly what the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge is BUT I delve deep into why creative challenges work, the benefits of undertaking a feat such as this and also provide some top tips for helping yourself to make it to the end of one. This is beneficial to all creatives, not just those taking part in my own challenge.

Creativity Talks 22: Guest interview with Laura Pashby

by Susan Yeates | 25 November, 2021

In this episode I speak to writer and photographer Laura Pashby. We had a wonderful conversation about her recent book, her creative process and about the little details. Listen in as we discuss why those tiny details can be so important to the creative process and what she lines up on her stairs and why... and lighting, foggy mornings and lighting!

Creativity Talks 21: Guest interview with Kolbie Blume

by Susan Yeates | 11 November, 2021

In this episode I have a wonderful in-depth discussion about watercolour and creativity with artist and educator Kolbie Blume. This episode is packed full of inspiring quotes, thoughts and advice for any creative and especially for any 'recovering perfectionists.'

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If you are a creative or interested in creativity and have something to share with my listeners then I would LOVE to hear from you. I am searching for wonderful people from across the world that believe in creativity and all the wonderful things it can do. Whether you make art, teach a creative subject, are a psychologist, art therapist, author, creative business owner or like me are on a mission to get the world to 'make stuff' then please email me at hello@susanyeates.co.uk. Just let me know who you are, what you do and what you would like to talk about and we can schedule a call. 


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