Creativity Talks 23: Let's Talk Creative Challenges

Susan Yeates | 09 December, 2021

            Creativity Talks 23: Let's Talk Creative Challenges

With my own creative challenge (The 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge) on the horizon in just a few week's time I wanted to dedicate the final episode of 2021 to talking about creative challenges such as this.

In this episode I explain briefly what the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge is BUT I delve deep into why creative challenges work, the benefits of undertaking a feat such as this and also provide some top tips for helping yourself to make it to the end of one. This is beneficial to all creatives, not just those taking part in my own challenge.

Creative challenges are really unique beasts when it comes to creativity and for me are like a special boost that can provide so many more benefits that can be discussed in a single podcast episode... but I give it a good try.

This is the last episode of 2021, so I will be having a few week's break before I join you again for more episodes in 2022.

Thank you for listening and supporting this podcast in 2021.

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