Creativity Talks 21: Guest interview with Kolbie Blume

Susan Yeates | 11 November, 2021

            Creativity Talks 21: Guest interview with Kolbie Blume

In this episode I have a wonderful in-depth discussion about watercolour and creativity with artist and educator Kolbie Blume. This episode is packed full of inspiring quotes, thoughts and advice for any creative and especially for any 'recovering perfectionists.'

Grab a cuppa, sit back and relax as Kolbie and I discuss all things creativity for your listening pleasure.

About Kolbie

Kolbie Blume is a self-taught watercolour artist, author, and online educator. A "recovering perfectionist" herself, her main teaching philosophy centres on helping hesitant artists discover and explore their infinite creative potential and joy, emphasising courage over perfection. Through her simple and encouraging teaching methods, she has taught more than 21,000 students worldwide to love watercolour and art just as much as she does. You can find her first book, Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes, wherever books are sold, and her second, Stunning Watercolor Seascapes, is now available for preorder.

You can find Kolbie online here:

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About Creativity Talks

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