Creativity Talks 20: Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

Susan Yeates | 28 October, 2021

            Creativity Talks 20: Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

In this episode I delve deep into why we should take risks and make mistakes in our creative practice. I talk about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and embracing the mess that is our own creative journeys. This episode should help you to break through mental barriers and make big mindset shifts when it comes to overcoming perfectionism and the fear of going wrong.

I really hope you enjoy this episode and that this helps you in your own personal creative journey. 

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About Creativity Talks

Creativity Talks is a weekly podcast with artist, author and creative entrepreneur, Susan Yeates. Each week the show dives deep into the world of creativity and Susan’s fundamental belief that everyone is creative. Each week through mindset talks, listener questions and guest interviews Susan will help to inspire you and build creativity into your daily life. Topics include: how to find your style, fear of the blank page, how to start a regular creative practice, staying motivated to create, sources of inspiration and how to make a business out of something you love.