Creativity Talks 19: Guest interview with Stacie Bloomfield

Susan Yeates | 14 October, 2021

            Creativity Talks 19: Guest interview with Stacie Bloomfield

In this episode I chat to illustrator and creative, Stacie Bloomfield. We had a wonderful (nearly hour-long) chat about all things creative including her thoughts on why you need to give yourself margin in your creative pursuits.

Stacie talks about her illustration business, why she takes herself off on creative retreats and shares some truly inspiring quotes on creativity too.

This really was an inspiring conversation for me and I hope you find it does the same to you too.

About Stacie

Acclaimed Surface Designer, Author, Entrepreneur and Sought After Teacher.

Spend five minutes with Stacie Bloomfield, and you will immediately be ignited by her ENTHUSIASM and PASSION for helping creative entrepreneurs. She is a living idea factory. Her energy is contagious. Best of all, she practices what she preaches: that we were MADE TO ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER.

Stacie has been creating artwork for brands and products around the world since 2009.

Over the past several years, Stacie has traveled and taught to hundreds of students around the country, sharing her passion for design, making, and business growth.

Her journey of being an illustrator began out of necessity: to financially support her husband who was a graduate student and to take care of her growing family. Through hard work, determination, and A LOT of trial and error, Stacie has become a force in the creative world, earning respect from her peers with her transparency, vulnerability, and dedication to the industry.

Her illustration business, Gingiber, is now a thriving company with products sold in over 800 stores and has licensing deals with major brands.

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