Creativity Talks 18: Writing an Art Book - Tackling a Large Creative Project

Susan Yeates | 30 September, 2021

            Creativity Talks 18: Writing an Art Book - Tackling a Large Creative Project

In this episode I want to discuss a little 'behind-the-scenes' of my forthcoming book: Sketchbook Challenge. I have literally just delivered a stack of sketchbooks to the publisher along with a large text file. So today I wanted to discuss this long process of writing an art book and all the stages I have gone through so far and what is coming up next.

I also go through some advice on tackling any long and lengthy creative project. For example working with the ebb and flow of creativity, carving out blocks of free time and recharging the batteries in between. Also the iceberg - tune in to find out about the iceberg!

This episode is perfect for anyone that wants to tackle and achieve a big creative goal or anyone curious to find out about the process behind writing an art book.

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