Creativity Talks 17: Guest interview with Maizie Clarke

Susan Yeates | 16 September, 2021

            Creativity Talks 17: Guest interview with Maizie Clarke

In this episode I talk to illustrator Maizie Clarke. We discuss all about her work as a watercolour illustrator and her thoughts on creativity.

Listen in to find out what she means by "Solving problems beautifully." We talk about her work in detail and she provides some great advice and tips about building a creative practice. We also discuss how and why she now shares her experiences with others through her new brand 'Learn with Maizie'.

It's a wonderful chat all about creativity. So grab a cuppa, sit back and relax and let's talk creativity!

Show notes

The book recommended by Maizie is Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins.

About Maizie

Maizie Clarke provides gifts that delight both the giver and the receiver. The namesake of the business, Maizie Clarke, has spent years honing her craft through her arts education and practice. Starting as a side business illustrating whimsical, custom house portraits, Maizie has grown and expanded her portfolio to include boutiques, hotels, and museums. She still finds joy in creating custom gifts, but has brought to life colourful wholesale collections and custom wholesale solutions for many different types of clients.

Having always had a passion for design and all things beautiful, she went on to earn her degree in Interior Design from Marymount University and then her Master in Exhibition Design from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, D.C. Maizie genuinely loves her craft and the joy she sees it bring to her family, friends and clients.

You can find Maizie online at and

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