Creativity Talks 16: Guest interview with Alison C Boards

Susan Yeates | 02 September, 2021

            Creativity Talks 16: Guest interview with Alison C Boards

In this week’s episode I talk to artist, teacher and author Alison C Board. We discussed things like ‘not putting your paintings on a pedestal’, about creating a ‘stubborn club,’ our thoughts on the art police and the importance of collaboration. We also delve deep into Alison’s experiences as an artist and teacher and her general thoughts on creativity. It’s a great listen and I hope you enjoy.

About Alison

Alison’s expressive mixed media works capture Dorset’s flora and fauna with energy and finesse. She specialises in mixed media with watercolour techniques, a combination that creates textural and ethereal paintings with rich and vibrant colour.

Alison also draws inspiration from dance, theatre, music and literature, often in the form of text which is collaged and worked into her paintings.

Alison’s ever-growing portfolio includes regular demonstrations and workshops for the SAA, a company who has produced a number of DVD and television tutorials with her. Alongside her digital tuition, Alison runs a comprehensive range of workshops, courses and painting weekends from her home county of Dorset, and she regularly demonstrates for Art Societies.

2020 saw huge changes to Ali’s career, her first book was published for Search Press entitled ‘A Beginner’s guide to Watercolour with Mixed Media’ and the worldwide lockdown set her the task of delivering all of her tuition via virtual platforms. Her PGCert in Online & Distance Education and technical skills came into play and she has relished the challenge of continuing to share her subject and techniques.

The book mentioned in the podcast episode was Keep Going by Austin Kleon.

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