Want a tour of my home studio?

Susan Yeates | 19 April, 2022

            Want a tour of my home studio?

Take a sneaky peek into my home studio...

Find out everything about the tools and materials you need for linoprinting ... plus tips on how a small workspace can be laid out! 

This week I have launched a FREE mini-course giving you a tour of my home studio here in Surrey in the UK.

A studio tour with Susan

This FREE mini course is an open invite for you to join me here in my home studio for a tour of this space and how I use it for linocutting. I will show you my complete set-up, from where everything is located, to which are my favourite tools and materials to my table-top layout for printing. This is a great behind-the-scenes look at a small home studio space.

Come on in… 


the perfect art form for a small space...

Linocut is the perfect printmaking technique for a small home space. 

From the kitchen work surface to the dining room table or the corner of a spare bedroom - it all works. All you need is a table, something to sit on and a few tools and materials. 

This FREE mini-course will show you how to layout your worksurface, what tools and materials you will need for linocutting and some tips for getting the most out of your own space. 

This is a fun 'behind-the-scenes' tour of my own little studio and processes... Come on in!

Join me for this free tour here: