Join the 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge 23rd-29th May 2022

Join the 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge 23rd-29th May 2022

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I am so excited to announce a FREE 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge coming up from 23rd - 29th May 2022. 

Join the 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge with Susan

Each day from Monday 23rd May - Sunday 29th May 2022 I will send you a new sketching prompt. This will be shared (FOR FREE) via my YouTube channel email list and on social media. Take the prompt, be inspired and draw a little something. Take just a few minutes or a little longer if you want. The challenge is suitable for everyone whether you have never picked up a pencil before or whether you are a seasoned pro.

The aim is just to make drawing become a habit and part of your daily routine. I want to help you to fill your sketchbook, boost your creativity and get your drawing mojo back on top form.

Join the Challenge Email List:

To receive the challenge prompts and links to the video explanations / tutorials sign up to my challenge list here (please note that if you have taken part in a challenge with me before you will already be on this list and will receive the emails automatically!).

Join the 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge 

Watch the Challenge Trailer

Watch the video below as I explain the 7-day challenge and what you can expect when you join me from Monday 23rd - Sunday 29th May 2022. 

Follow the challenge playlist on YouTube

Who is the Sketchbook Challenge for?

The challenge is suitable for anyone who wants to give it a go… For example:

  • Beginners to drawing looking for some ideas of where to start
  • Art students
  • Professional artists needing some starting points for work
  • Students on any of my online courses looking for more ideas
  • Creative people just wanting a fun challenge
  • People with five minutes to spare and a blank sketchbook
  • Anyone who just wants to draw a bit more
  • You... come on in and join me this May!

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Susan and I am an artist, author, podcast host and TEDx speaker. I have written and published six art books including Learning Linocut (2011), an Amazon no. 1 bestseller and Beginner's Guide to Linocut (2018).

My NEW BOOK Sketchbook Challenge: 100 Prompts for Daily Drawing is due to be published in July 2022.

I obtained a fine art, printmaking degree from Loughborough University and have been teaching art courses and workshops both in person and online since 2003. I also co-own a pottery café in Woking, Surrey. My TEDx talk, Create your mandala universe – collaborate for a beautiful life, was broadcast in 2020.

I run an annual 30-day sketching challenge every January through my website, Instagram (@learninglinocut) and Facebook, encouraging people to develop a daily sketching habit. 

I live and work in Woking in Surrey, UK, and continue to teach printmaking and sketching through online courses. I am passionate about inspiring others to get creative and also host a podcast called Creativity Talks. 

I love encouraging others to get creative and welcome you into this FREE 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge this May!

What are people saying…

Thousands of people from across the world have taken part in sketchbook challenges with me over the past five years and are some of their reasons for joining in:

  • I just love art and being creative
  • I have wanted to start sketching more regularly and I hope this will help!
  • To make and commit more time to do art and to improve
  • To remind me to draw more
  • To help me start sketching again
  • I love to sketch and find it very therapeutic but life can be so hectic I forget to spend time on the things I love to do
  • Because I’m a full time painter but want to get back into the very good habit of using a sketchbook daily
  • To encourage myself to try drawing
  • Love an arty challenge…

Join me for this special 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge in May!

Join the 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge