Try Something New!

Try Something New!

What I do LOVE to do every now and again is try something completely NEW - a new craft or art form entirely....

So what do I mean by 'trying something new'?

I find that when you are a creative (in whatever form) that it is hard to keep consistently creating the same thing over and over again without loosing enthusiasm or motivation. Whether you are sketching, painting or making other forms of art or craft, I think it is so important to try a new technique, method or subject matter every now and again to keep the creative mind brimming full of ideas. Sometimes this is a subtle change such as trying a new sketching pencil, buying a different format sketchbook or taking new photos to work from. But what I do LOVE to do every now and again is try something completely NEW - a new craft or art form entirely. 

Being a 'beginner' is such a wonderful place to be in terms of learning and placing yourself  out of your comfort zone - lots of lovely development happens in this place. We have to go back to the beginning with something and start the whole process again. I love being a beginner - there is something both humbling but also exciting and the new possibilities that could happen. 

So for me this last month or two I have tried two entirely NEW art forms - glass fusing and slab build clay work. Bear with me here... 

To give some context, some of you may not know that I co-own a pottery cafe called Fired Frog here in my local area, Woking. We do a lot of paint your own pottery as well as hosting workshops in pottery painting and some other crafts such as block printing and linocutting (things I have been sharing for around 20 years!!) This means that I have access to a kiln...

And so my little brain has been thinking about other fun ways to use the kiln we have for creativity. And so glass fusing and clay work popped up for me to try. 

Both techniques have been approached in different ways. For glass fusing I went on a one-day training course for pottery studio owners and learnt teaching techniques as well as all about glass fusing, how it works and the possibilities of what you can make. For clay... I simply purchased a 5kg bag of earthenware clay and started making in my own way. These different approaches have different benefits and of course both get the creative brain firing again and spark a little joy. 

So, long story short... what can you try that is NEW this summer?

- What craft or technique has been on your list of things to try?
- Can you go on a course or workshop locally?
- Can you invest in a book on a new topic and try it out yourself?
- Can you and a friend start something new together?
- Have you got the tools and materials for a new craft sat in the cupboard waiting to be opened? 
- Can you try a new craft project with the kids over the summer? 
- Can you buy a craft 'kit' online? 

Give yourself permission to 'play.'
Give yourself permission to try something new, just for the sake of it. 
Give yourself permission to have fun. 

More than anything I hope you enjoy. 

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Try something new...

As well as all things sketching I have a number of printing courses that are always available for you to hop in and try. Unlike Inspire and Sketchbook Bootcamp that have specific registration dates, these courses are always available for you to start and work on a self-paced basis to fit in with your own schedule and availability.

If you have never tried printing before - maybe give it a go this summer? 


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