Guest Teachers (Artists) Wanted

I am looking for a number of guest artists to deliver online video lessons for my monthly membership group Inspire.

You can see information about the Inspire Creative Membership here.

Guest Artists Wanted


Each month I deliver a number of online video tutorials on an overall theme to the group. These have included – pattern, leaves and flowers, using sketchbooks and colour. Throughout 2021 I would like to invite a number of guest tutors into Inspire to deliver specialist tutorials on various art technique and themes in addition to the lessons I film myself. This will give my members a wonderful variety in terms of teaching style and content. I hope to Inspire my members even more in 2021 with a variety of talented artist showing them new and exciting things!

Overall requirements

The primary focus of Inspire is to inspire the members on a monthly basis to sketch and draw and paint. Most members are between beginners to intermediate level artists, for whom art and creativity is a fun and enjoyable (and sometimes serious) hobby. The lessons required must be easy to digest and between 5-20 minutes in length – 10 mins is a good length for an art tutorial (elements of a technique can be sped up). I would assume that any guest teacher has experience in teaching and is comfortable on camera, teaching their specialism.

Details on the lessons / content

Each guest artist will be asked to deliver two parts to being a guest for the month.

  1. Zoom Interview – Firstly I will do a short zoom interview asking a few basic questions about what Inspires you. These questions will be emailed in advance. This will be filmed and provided as a video for members to gain an insight into what inspires other artists. I would like these to be 20-30 mins long. If the interview goes well I will also extract the audio and use this on my Podcast called Creativity Talks - again another great promo opportunity for you. 
  2. The tutorials / lessons – Depending on the topic I would like guest teachers to provide a short warm-up exercise of around 5 minutes plus 3-4 video tutorials on a subject. I would rather have 4 small 5-10 min bitesize videos than one hour-long tutorial. This could be several different tutorials working on a theme, a single technique that is broken into sections or anything else that you think is suitable. The aim is that I work on inspiring subject matter rather than techniques that require too many new materials. For example, I haven’t included linocutting in the membership as that requires very specialist tools. However techniques and themes that use pencils, paints and pens for example most people have these. The aim is that people do some work in sketchbooks and then build from there. There is the option to set members a project / challenge based upon the monthly theme if you would like. e.g. for our ‘everyday object’ month I set a ’10-day everyday objects’ drawing challenge. It is usually helpful to have a photo or two of any finished work and any step-by-step instructions needed. Downloads are welcome too. Whatever is appropriate for your class.


I am very open to suggestions of topics of the lessons themselves. Please remember that the focus is to inspire people to open their sketchbooks and have a go. Step-by-step tutorials are great and ones that don’t involve too many specialist materials that are hard to come by.

I am however specifically looking for the following things:

  • urban sketching
  • faces
  • drawing the human form
  • watercolour / gauche and acrylic painting techniques
  • drawing animals
  • locations and landscapes
  • movement and gesture
  • illustration
  • pen and ink drawing techniques

Technical stuff

Due to the current pandemic all of these tutorials are video-based (with pictures and text instructions) and delivered online. I cannot have teachers to my own studio for filming at the moment. I currently use a course hosting platform called Course Craft to deliver the membership. Your videos would be uploaded to the platform the month before your tutorials would be due to go live.

I will require that all teachers can film the videos themselves with relatively good lighting and sound. There is no requirement for the videos to be ‘professional’ however the lighting and sound need to be good enough to see the technique being taught and not detract from the content. These videos need to be between 5-20 mins long and we can discuss before filming the topics etc. Videos will need to be good quality MP4s (I film on my iPhone and edit in iMovie). You are welcome to edit the videos yourself or send to me to edit. I will always add an ‘Inspire Membership’ photo at the end of each video and make sure that the title of the tutorial is at the start.

There is a Facebook group for support for members. You would be welcome to join the Facebook group for the month if you wanted to answer any questions or see work completed from your tutorials or I can email any questions from members. This is optional.

Promotion for you

There will also be an opportunity as one of the Inspire Guest teachers to send your website and social media links and at least 3 images of your work so I can showcase you as a guest (free promo!) I will promote your work in the Inspire membership group but also on my own social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). It will be helpful to have a bio and a profile picture as well as your links and some photos of your work.


These are paid positions as I would like to make sure that artists’ skills and teaching ability is valued. Each guest tutor will be paid a one-off fee of £150 for the work (delivery of the videos, time taken in filming and zoom interview). Payment will be made via bank transfer on receipt of an invoice. The guest teaching slot also brings with it a little promotion (detailed above).

To apply

If you are interested to become a guest teacher for me in Inspire then please apply using the form below and I will get in contact! Please email with any questions or queries.

Apply now - go to form

Thank you