Creativity Talks 5: Positive Language and Creativity

Susan Yeates | 17 June, 2021

            Creativity Talks 5: Positive Language and Creativity

In this episode Susan discusses the importance of positive language on our creativity. Hint: It's super powerful!

She delves into the types of words we may hear ourselves say that are negative and why we may say it. Most importantly though is understanding why it is essential to use positive language, the benefits it has and how this can build our creative confidence and self-esteem. Oh and there are three simple exercises for you to explore the power of positive language yourself. Listen to the full episode for a super-positive dose of creative talking this week.

Show notes / exercises (listen to the episode for a full explanation):

List of negative words:
bad, wrong, can't, won't, haven't, shouldn't, no, not, not good, failure, sorry, never

List of positive words:
fantastic, good, right, can, do, will, worked, have, excellent, did, good, success, woohoo, always, abundance, succeed, experiment

Exercise 1: Replace negative with positive
Over the next week look for negative words that you use and write them down. Notice when, where and how you use them. What does it mean? Try to replace these words with positive ones instead. How has this changed your attitude to your creative practice?

Exercise 2: Reflect on your work
Study a piece of your own creative work. Spend 2-5 minutes making negative notes. Then spend double the time making positive notes. How does this make you feel about this piece of creative work.

Exercise 3: Create a positive affirmation
Write 1-3 of your own positive affirmations around creating. Use the ones below as examples or create your own. Get creative everyone! maybe you make this into a piece of art in itself. Repeat the affirmation(s) regularly.

"I am an artist"
"My creativity flows freely"
"I am confident and skilled in my creative work"
"I am proud of my..."
"I enjoy..."
"My creativity makes me happy!"

Feel free to share your positive affirmations with me.

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