Top Tips for Completing the 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge

Susan Yeates | 30 December, 2020

            Top Tips for Completing the 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge

I am so excited about the 4th annual 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge that starts on 01 Jan 2021. You can find full information about the challenge here: Sketchbook Challenge

It can be quite a challenge to sketch for 30 days in a row, so I have created a video here that shares with you my top tips for approaching and hopefully completing the challenge…

Here is a summary of the Tips as discussed in the video above:

Tip 1 – Select a small sketchbook
It is often quicker and easier to complete a small sketchbook page than a larger one so go small to start with. A small sketchbook is also portable so can travel around with you everywhere you go in January.

Tip 2 – Keep your materials simple (and use your favourites)
Have a simple pencil or pen and use this for your sketching – it doesn’t have to be complicated. Oh and if you use materials you enjoy as well this will help too.

Tip 3 – Give yourself a time limit
Set yourself a small time limit each day to complete your challenge – this helps to make it short and sweet and achievable on a daily basis. e.g. 5-10 minutes per day.

Tip 4 – Make yourself accountable
Tell people you are doing this or join a community such as the Facebook Group

Tip 5 – Create before you consume
I always think it is good to see the prompt and do your own sketching before you start to look at other people’s work. The Facebook Group for example is full of beautiful work, but it can feel overwhelming if you view this first before starting your own sketch for the day. It is very hard to create freely when we are overwhelmed or intimidated. So, create before you consume.

Tip 6 – Use your intuition / instincts
Go with you first thoughts and instincts – draw your very first idea rather than overthinking the prompt. If you are not sure on what to draw, just make some notes or doodles on a scrap of paper first to help your brain to come up with something you are happy with or even plan out a rough shape before you go in for your sketch.

Tip 7 – Don’t take it too seriously
Remember that this is all for fun and to boost your creativity. No-one is judging you and this isn’t a competition. So don’t take your drawing too seriously, accept and laugh at your ‘mistakes’ and have a whole lot of fun.

Enjoy the challenge and if you haven’t already signed up to get your 30 days of sketching prompts straight to your inbox you can do so here: 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge