Miniature Landscape VI, Series 1 - Original Painting

Susan Yeates Artist

Miniature Landscape VI, Series 1 - Original Painting

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This miniature landscape painting is part of an original series of 10 paintings completed in 2023. 

These painting explore the relationship between the sky and the clouds and the landscape below. These paintings are carried out in acrylic paint from a limited palette with each nuance of colour mixed by hand. 

The painting is on a bamboo mixed media paper, 265gsm paper (90% bamboo, 10% cotton rag). 

This is an original painting, signed by the artist.

Painting comes unframed and mounted (see picture) with a card backing and cellophane wrapping.

Details / Information:

Signed and dated by the artist (Susan Yeates, 2023).

Painting size: 6.2mm x  8.2cm

Mount Size: to fit 6 x 8 inch frame

Medium: Acrylic paint on paper

Delivery: will be made by first class post to UK only. Please allow 3-5 working days for shipping. Thank you