Art for Earth Online Class 2021

Welcome to this special online art class with me, Susan Yeates!

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12 Ways to Draw a Leaf

12 Ways to Draw a Leaf

I am so excited to share this class with you and hope you enjoy the exercises covered. You will need around 25 minutes to watch the video. You can either follow along with me (sketching as you go) or watch the video whilst taking notes and then try out the sketching at a later date.

About the class

12 ways to sketch a leaf is a special nature-inspired art class with Susan Yeates, created for the Art for Earth project 2020. This project aims to raise money for Treesisters, an organisation that plants trees all over the world. Trees help take carbon dioxide (a major contributor to global warming) out of the air. Last year the donations for Art For Earth funded the planting of about 81,400 trees! Wow!

During the class Susan will show you 12 different ways to explore and experiment with basic materials in our sketchbooks such as a pencil, Fineliner pen, fountain pen and a rubber. Susan will look at a simple leaf form and ways we can draw and sketch this to learn how to use our materials and free up our creativity. This class is packed full of handy exercises you can apply to other subjects and provides an opportunity to experiment freely and enjoy sketching.

Materials used in the class:

  • 2B mechanical pencil
  • 3B pencil
  • 0.2 UniPin fineliner Pen
  • Fountain pen with black ink
  • Tombow eraser
  • Sketchbook with plain white sketching paper
  • Don’t forget that you will also need a leaf to work from too!

You can choose to use the exact same materials or use what you have to hand. The main thing is have a go, experiment and have fun!

Watch the video below

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