The 7 Day Sketchbook Challenge 2023

The 7 Day Sketchbook Challenge 2023

Welcome to the 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge! 7 days, 7 prompts, 7 sketches. Watch the vidoes here to follow along with the challenge in your own time!

Welcome to the 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge 2023. 

This challenge runs live from Monday 22nd May - Sunday 28th May 2023. You can follow along whilst it is live OR take part in your own time whenever you have 7 days that you want to sketch for! 

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Welcome Video

Start the challenge by watching the welcome video here:

Day 1 - Keys and Locks 

Here is the day 1 video explaining our first prompt and getting you started with the challenge...

Day 2 - A Round Object 

Here is the day 2 video explaining the second prompt. 

Day 3 - Jug or Vase

Here is the day 3 video explaining the third prompt. 

Day 4 - Vegetables

Here is the day 4 video explaining the fourth prompt. 


Day 5 - Something Brown

Here is the day 5 video explaining the fifth prompt. 

Day 6 - A Cold Drink

Here is the day 6 video explaining the sixth prompt.



Day 7 - Something on Your Wall

Here is the day 7 video explaining the final prompt. 

Thank you for taking part in the challenge. 

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