Sketching Tutorial: Fill a Shape With Pattern

Sketching Tutorial: Fill a Shape With Pattern

This exercise was first shared in my Build a Daily Sketching Habit online course that is now in the archives!


- a sketchbook, some simple drawing materials such as a pencil, ink pen or coloured pencils/pens.


- Take a pen or pencil and on a page in your sketchbook draw a simple shape / outline. This needs to be a simple empty shape that in a moment you will fill with pattern.

Examples include cups, vases, dresses, teapots, leaves, flowers, butterflies.

Once the shape is drawn, take whatever materials you have to hand (this could be a pencil, Fineliner pen, biro or any coloured materials), and fill the shape with patterns.

The reason we are doing this is to warm up the hand and creative brain.

Take no longer than 2-3 minutes on this exercise i.e. this is not an exercise in creating a detailed Zentangle drawing that can take hours to complete.

This is a quick, warm-up exercise that aims to free up the creativity.