Sketchbook Stories Episode 2 - A Page of Pens and Scribbles

Sketchbook Stories Episode 2 - A Page of Pens and Scribbles

A huge welcome the second episode of a NEW video series on YouTube called Sketchbook Stories. In this series I am going to open up the pages of my own sketchbooks to show you what’s inside – the good, the bad and the messy. This very episode tells you the story behind a double page spread showing sketches pf pens, pencils and a few scribbles. There is also a sketching tutorial on how to sketch pens like this. 

Welcome to Episode 2 of Sketchbook Stories.

In this series I will open up the pages of my personal sketchbooks and tell you the stories behind the sketches. I will also show you how the sketches are created and provide some handy tips for your own sketchbooks along the way!

Today we are looking at a page from a daily moleskin sketchbook that I have fond memories of... This page was started on live TV (HobbyMaker TV) in 2022 where I demonstrated some live sketching and tried out some brush pens. This page was also revisited a few months later to "finish off." Watch as I explain and also show you how I actually sketched the pens and pencils as well. 

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