Creativity Talks 8: Guest interview with Sophie Butrymowicz (Search Press)

Susan Yeates | 08 July, 2021

            Creativity Talks 8: Guest interview with Sophie Butrymowicz (Search Press)

In this week's episode I talk to a creative individual who works at Search Press, the leading art and craft publisher in the UK. I actually met up with Sophie a few weeks ago when visiting the Search Press offices in Kent to discuss my new book about sketching due due for release in 2022. We chatted then about creativity and thought it would be great to chat on the show here as well.

In our podcast interview Sophie talks about how creativity has helped her personally with mental wellness, about how art and crafts have been so poplar during lockdown and what she gets up to at Search Press and in her own creative activities. We had a great conversation and I can't wait for you to join us and listen in...

About Sophie

Sophie is a marketing assistant at Search Press, the leading art and craft publisher in the UK, which publishes up to 100 of its own titles each year as well as distributing books for other publishers. Sophie’s background is in Psychology with a BSc with honours in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. They have worked previously with adults and children with learning difficulties including in day service settings where art and craft were at the forefront of daily activities. They’ve also lead peer support programmes in higher education supporting students with mood disorders and eating difficulties. Sophie is a big advocate for the therapeutic benefits of engaging with creativity and in their spare time enjoys papercrafts and given folks the ol’ razzle dazzle by belting out the odd showtune.

You can find Search Press online here:

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