Creativity Talks 10: Guest interview with Joanne Hawker (founder of #MarchMeetTheMaker)

Susan Yeates | 22 July, 2021

            Creativity Talks 10: Guest interview with Joanne Hawker (founder of #MarchMeetTheMaker)

This special episode is an interview with creative business owner Joanne Hawker.

Joanne is a designer and maker living and working in Somerset. She predominantly creates special occasion greeting cards for life’s special moments, colourful washi tape and project bags. She is perhaps best known for her Instagram challenge #MarchMeetTheMaker.

I asked Joanne about her creative process when creating new products, what creativity means to her and what inspires her. We also discussed exactly what the March Meet The Maker challenge is, what her favourite colour is and discussed jumping about in the rain!

We had a fabulous conversation, so hit play to join us!

You can find Joanne online here:

Show notes:

  • noissue - the company mentioned for sustainable packaging
  • Procreate - is the iPad app for digital drawing

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