Printmaking Relief Press £344

An affordable relief printing press press suitable for techniques such as woodcut, linocut and wood engraving. A great way to take the next step forward in developing your home studio and taking your relief printing further.

Printing presses comes in many shapes and forms and there are different presses suitable for the different techniques we teach. The main purpose of a press is to allow printmakers to take even, good quality prints and apply the correct type of pressure for transferring ink from a plate or block onto the paper.

The relief press described here is suitable for relief printmaking such as woodcut and linocut and is a great way to take the next step forward in developing your home studio and taking your relief printing further.

About the press

This press was developed from a press seen at Michael Carlos workshop in Suffolk. He designed the press and they are made by a company called Baker Fabrication based in Cambridgeshire. Magenta Sky have been given exclusive ability to promote and sell these presses online to students, professional artists and anyone interested in relief printing!

  • Low cost, lightweight portable press
  • Safe and efficient for professional and college use
  • Ideal for home studio
  • Takes various thicknesses of blocks as there is no fixed press setting
  • Has four holes in base of frame to enable user to screw down to a fixed table for extra stability
  • Metal frame, wooden press bed
  • Instructions for use included

This relief press is ideal for the home studio where space may be limited or as an extra printing facility in the classroom or workshop. It is quick and easy to use and will take various thicknesses of block. It is also economically priced in comparison with others on the market. To use, just slide your inked print / paper and padding into the press bed and lower the top plate down using the rotating handle.

Feedback... (July 2013)

"I just thought I’d let you know how pleased I am with the press I ordered from you recently. I hadn’t heard of it before I found it on your website, and I just ordered it in hope that it would be a more reasonably priced affordable press: it’s great! Thanks for marketing it: it’s very useful indeed for someone like me, an artist at home without access to any other presses. Kind regards."

Details and ordering information

  • Bedsize: 405mm x 510mm
  • Press Cost: £265.00 + VAT @ 20% (£318.00)
  • Carriage: £26.00 (Mainland UK) by courier. Please call us for quotes on worldwide delivery costs.
  • Total Cost: £344.00

Any questions: If you have any further questions about this press please email or call Susan on 07930 856581.

To order: To order your press, please contact us to request bank details. You cannot pay online for this product. Please make sure that you provide your full contact details and delivery address so that we can contact you regarding delivery. Once we have your order, we will forward it on to the manufacturers who will contact you from there.