Inside My Studio

This versatile home studio space in Surrey is my favourite place to create and make. I moved into this studio in March 2020, just before lockdown and it was a complete blank canvas before I got my hands on it!

This page is a short visual tour of this studio showing you some of my favourite items and areas that have been developed. I have different areas for different activities and have made it both flexible and practical as well as filling it with things that inspire me and make me smile. This is still a work in progress and probably always will be!

I love the fact that I can walk into this space, which is entirely mine, close the door and get immersed in my creativity, regardless of what my intention for that day is.

I find it fascinating to look at the spaces that artists and creatives work in, and so I hope this space is of interest to you as well!

If you would like a full video tour of how I use this space for linocutting, then click on the link below for the FREE mini course: Linocut: A Studio Tour.

FREE Mini Course: A Studio Tour!

This FREE mini course is an open invite for you to join me here in my home studio for a tour of this space and how I use it for linocutting. I will show you my complete set-up, from where everything is located, to which are my favourite tools and materials to my table-top layout for printing. This is a great behind-the-scenes look at a small home studio space. Come on in…

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The Worktable and Storage Area

This unit in the centre of my studio is a handmade worktable based upon a cutting table design I saw on the internet here. It is constructed of three Ikea Kallax storage units with a wooden kitchen work surface on the top. One adaption I made was to leave space for large paper storage under the top. The work surface is quite high and also very wide – it was a 3m work surface cut into two and stuck to the top.

This space is designed to store LOTS of stuff underneath including fabric, lino, inks and finished printed products. This is also my messy space where I do all printing, cutting and very often sewing. I sit here with my little girl to paint and also use it for filming technique videos. It is generally my tech free zone (no computers here!) to allow this to be my creative space. It also looks out onto the garden, which I find inspiring. I have popped on the wall across this space a washing line for hanging prints up to dry as well.

The Desk

This area is again created from an ikea Kallax 4 x 2 unit with a kitchen worksurface on the top. I sit my computer here and use this as my proper desk. I sit here when replying to emails, editing vidoes and I can also move the computer back to allow room for my sewing machine and over locker. There are storage cupboards underneath and a lovely shelf above created from an off cut of the worksurface. The chair is a mustard coloured office chair from Habitat.

Right next to the desk on the wall is a pinboard I created from cork hexagons covered in fabric. I selected dark blue, mustard and grey fabric to match the colours of the studio. This pinboard is usually covered in things that inspire me, one-page lists of goals, a yearly calendar and postcards.

Bookcase and Pegboard

At the back of the studio I have a piece of wall that has grey brickwork wallpaper. This was already here when I moved in. I used another Ikea unit here to create my art bookcase and a smaller shelf above where my blue relief printing press lives. This area I use for printing when I am linocutting. The books are all in easy access for when I am sat at my desk which I find handy.

Above this area I have a pegboard on the wall that houses all my linocutting rollers, cutters and inks. This is literally my favourite thing! I also popped a special holder for all my cotton reels on the wall too – arranging these by colour made me very happy!

The Gallery

A more recent addition to the studio space (mainly because it took me ages to clear the wall) is the ‘gallery’. Now this sounds very grand but it's basically a whole wall of the studio where I have hung framed prints. These are a mixture of my own linocuts and block prints and works from other artists that inspire me. All the pictures have a story and meaning and this gallery just inspires and makes me smile. It also works as a handy backdrop for Zoom calls!

The Rest of the Space

Hmmm – so the end of the studio is currently the last ‘work in progress’ area. I have a small ochre occasional chair (from Homebase) that looks out onto the garden and double patio doors. Seeing green stuff and nature I find very soothing. The natural light also helps me when I photograph work – I literally sit on the floor, lay down my work in front of the windows on a photoboard and start snapping. I have a messy bookcase in this area where packaging and spare sketchbooks are stored.

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