Sketching With Susan

I have a range of short online courses all about boosting creativity and learning new sketching skills. Most of these courses are stand-alone and you can purchase the course for a one-off fee and work through the content in your own time. I also have a few FREE online courses to encourage everyone to get creative and have a go.

Sketching for Fun!

Welcome to the home of my online sketching courses. These fun and inspiring courses are all here to help you to boost your creativity and have a lot of fun in your sketchbooks.

I love sketching and it is the foundation of everything I do. I have tons of sketchbooks in my home studio that I use on a regular basis and through these fun courses with me you will understand how I use them and what for.

Each course explores a different aspect or approach to sketching, from practical stuff like Exploring Colour to the ever-helpful Build a Daily Sketching Habit.

Available Courses

Here is a full list of my available online sketching and drawing courses. See you on a course soon!

You can also find out about printmaking courses on my Printmaking Courses page.

Exploring Colour

This course is all about understanding how colour works through basic colour theory, observing colour in the world around you and becoming confident using colour in your sketchbook and finished pieces of art.

The course is suitable for beginners (or those wanting to try out coloured materials for the first time) and contains six separate art tutorials on exploring colour in your sketchbooks taught by myself, Susan Yeates, plus additional video lessons and tips.

This course is playful, informative, inspiring, will show you some new sketching techniques, boost your creativity and fill your sketchbook (or sheets of paper) with plenty of colour!

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Build a Daily Sketching Habit

In this course I will help you to build up a daily habit of sketching and drawing using just a few simple tools and materials.

I will open up the pages of my own sketchbooks, help you to select themes and topics that suit you, show you some simple drawing techniques and discuss some important creative mindset issues essential to a regular sketcking practice.

This course delves into some exciting ways (and WHYs) to get sketching!

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Sketching For Fun

This course is aimed at complete beginners to drawing, those returning to drawing after a break or anyone just wanting some inspiration for ways to work in a sketchbook and get rid of artist's block.

The course helps you to build a body of work on paper and in sketchbooks, improve your drawing technique through regular drawing and boost your creativity.

The course is packed full of simple exercises, ideas and sketchbook projects. Ultimately this course will help you to enjoy sketching!

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Mindful Drawing and Doodling for Beginners

An easy to study online course, suitable for beginners that explores mindfulness through drawing and doodling.

As an artist and yoga teacher I show you relaxing sketchbook techniques and enjoyable ways to express creativity and reconnect to life. The course is packed full of simple ideas, easy to practice doodling techniques and fun ways of making marks on paper.

No experience of drawing necessary and only a few simple materials required.

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FREE MINI COURSE: 5 Days of Creativity Boosting Exercises!

This FREE mini course with me is the perfect way to boost your creativity over a 5-day period. Each day you will receive a brand new creative exercise that will help to unleash your creativity... plus a little smattering of inspiration and ideas as well. This course is perfect for beginners to drawing, for anyone stuck in a creative rut, for 30 Day Sketchbook Challengers and for anyone that wants a really exciting 5-day focus on boosting their creativity! Join at any time...

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FREE: Introduction to Drawing 3D Shapes

This FREE mini course shows you exactly how to draw some of the most important and basic 3D shapes - cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones. The course is broken down into several bite-sized modules and includes photos and step-by-step videos of the stages to drawing realistic 3D shapes as well as explanatory videos. Great for beginners to drawing or those needing a little refresher.

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How to Teach Craft Workshops

If you are an artist/craftsperson or someone looking to make some additional income from your creative skills, then this course is for you. It is your step-by-step guide to designing, teaching and promoting creative workshops and start your own business doing so. Including all the templates, documents and handy checklists you will need.

Learn everything you need to know to succeed from myself, an artist who has been teaching successful arts and crafts workshops for years... I have done all the hard work for you, so that you don't need to!

Ten years of teaching knowledge simplified into six step-by-step modules that progress you through the process, one stage at a time. Get the confidence and knowledge to really succeed as an arts or crafts tutor!

(Note: This couse only covers face-to-face teaching NOT creating online courses).

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