Available Printmaking Courses

On this page you will find a list of all my online printmaking courses.

These are mostly suitable for beginners to the techniques and require just a few simple tools and materials. I can't wait to see you on a course soon!

You can find out more about my sketching and drawing courses on my Sketching Courses page.

Fabric Printing Masterclass

This special relief printing masterclass teaches you everything you need to know about printing onto fabric using hand-carved blocks. Susan shows you how to prepare a design that works with fabric printing, what types of block are available, how to carve a block, what inks to use and how to print onto different types of fabric. Plus there are a selection of fabric printing projects to inspire you such as tea towels and bags. Suitable for anyone who wants to make beautiful handprinted textiles.

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Printmaking 101 Membership

In this NEW monthly membership with me (Susan Yeates) you gain full access to all my short online courses in printmaking for a small monthly fee.

From specialist masterclasses to beginner courses - EVERYTHING is here. PLUS you get to learn a multitude of techniques that you can study at your own pace including: monoprinting, collograph, linocut, woodcut, block printing, screenprinting, wood engraving and drypoint.

This is a really affordable way to access EVERYTHING printmaking-related including a Facebook Community, regular articles, new unique videos and tips on all things printmaking related.

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What is Printmaking?

Printmaking is essentially the process of creating an original ‘print’, by transferring an impression from one surface to another. It is not a direct process such as drawing or painting but any method that allows an artist to create an image in one place that is then transferred to another.

Printmaking is an exciting and accessible art form which I am very passionate about. The printmaking courses that I teach online combine both detailed technical knowledge with plenty of room for creativity and fun.

There are four main categories that the various forms of printmaking fall into - Relief (lino/woodcut, wood engraving), Intaglio (etching, drypoint, mezzotint), Stencil Based (screenprinting) and Planographic (lithography).

Most of these techniques can be explored at home in some form - so read on to find out what you can learn with me...

Block Printing for Beginners

Learn everything you need to know about block printing and carving your own stamps!

Block printing is a really accessible form of printmaking and easy to do in a small space and with limited materials. This course shows you exactly what you need to get started and talks you through the whole process from coming up with designs (you don't even need to draw!), to cutting the block and inking using ink pads OR block printing ink.

This course is suitable for beginners or anyone looking to have a play with block printing.

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Linocut Masterclass: Handprinted Greetings Cards

This special masterclass with me teaches you everything that you need to know about creating your own greetings cards using linocut.

It covers the whole process in detail from preparing designs, to cutting the lino, inking and of course printing your finished cards.

Plus there are plenty of top tips, ways to find inspiration, advanced techniques (multiple colour prints), further projects and advice on tools and materials along the way. Suitable for beginners or anyone looking to make high-quality cards.

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Learning Linocut: A Beginner's Guide to Linocut Printing

Join me for this special online course that shows you exactly how to create professional looking linocut prints.

The course explain about the tools you need, how to cut the block, how to ink it up and finally how to print. It even includes a four-part recording from a live linocutting workshop with me so you can get the full experience of being on a linocut workshop.

This course is aimed at complete beginners to linocut (or those coming back to printmaking after a short break). The perfect place to get started with linocut.

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Learn Monoprinting

Monoprinting is a painterly printmaking technique that involves rolling out or drawing with ink on to a printing surface/plate and creating marks in several ways. This online course shows you a number different ways to work with monoprinting to create beautiful, colourful prints including stencils, the negative technique, the positive technique and drawing on the back of the paper.

A great starting place if you have never done printmaking before!

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Collograph and Found Object Printing

This online course shows you how to create simple collograph and found object prints from the comfort of your own home.

Collograph (collage prints) are simple relief prints created from printing from a collage block. The course will explain the tools and materials you need, how to make a block, how to ink and finally how to print. This course includes some fun techniques for printing directly from objects sourced from around your home!

There is no need for a press and you can start at any time of year.

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Drawing and Ideas for Print

This online course helps you to start gathering ideas and carry out drawings ready for creating prints.

It provides lots of possibilities for undertaking research and ways that your ideas can be recorded for use in printmaking work.

Great for beginners or those that need a little inspiration for their prints! This course also works as an accompaniment to any of the printmaking technique-based online courses also listed on this page.

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Introduction to Woodcut

This online printmaking course is a complete guide to creating single-colour woodcut prints.

Study alongside me (Susan) as I demonstrate in easy-to-understand videos exactly how to prepare a design, cut into wood, ink and print the final image. The course even includes a live class recording.

Within no time at all you will know exactly how to create professional looking woodcut prints!

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