GIFT the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge 2022

Pick this item if you would like to buy someone the full PAID version of the 30 Day sketchbook challenge 2022 as a gift. 

Full info about the challenge (or if you are buying the challenge for yourself) please visit:

Once you purchase this item, I will set up a FREE registration link so the person you have bought the gift for can register their own details to the challenge portal but not have to pay. 

Please note that this is done manually so gift orders will be fulfilled within 24-48 hours of purchase. 

The Paid version of the challenge includes:

  • Top Tips on how to complete the challenge
  • Video descriptions / explanations of prompts and possible ways to approach them
  • Text descriptions of prompts
  • Facebook Support Group with several moderators from ‘Team Susan’ – meet other challengers and join the community (this is a NEW group for 2022 – the old Facebook Group will be archived)
  • A selection of helpful sketching tutorials throughout the challenge
  • A number of sketchbook warm-ups to help you ease into your sketching
  • Plant a tree with Ecologi

What is the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge?

Each day for 30 days in a row I will send you a new sketching prompt – I will share this via email, and on social media. Take the prompt, be inspired and draw a little something. Take just a few minutes or a little longer if you want. The challenge is suitable for everyone whether you have never picked up a pencil before or whether you are a seasoned pro.

Let’s begin the year with a big creative boost and a bundle of fun.

Join thousands of people from across the globe as we all fill our sketchbooks in January!